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Pye Kem Laboratories

Industrial Chemicals

Fine Chemicals & Scientific Co. is a well- trusted name in the field of exporting and supplying a qualitative range of Industrial Chemicals. The variety of Industrial Chemicals provided by us comprises of Acetone, Acetonitrile, Calcium Chloride, Caustic Soda Pellets, Acetic Acid, Sodium Sulphate, Alcohol, Ethyl Acetate, Chloroform, Sodium Hypochlorite, Formaldehyde, Glycerol, Phosphoric Acid and Automatic Dawn and Dusk Simulator. We are also engaged in importing these Industrial Chemicals from reliable vendors in the markets. Quality tested on various parameters, the Industrial Chemicals offered by us can be availed at market leading prices from us.


Being one of the prime Exporters and Suppliers based in India, the company offers a wide variety of Alcohol. Primarily used in diverse industrial applications, our range of Alcohol includes Isopropyl Alcohol and Methyl Alcohol. Quality-checked on various parameters, the Alcohol that we offer is available in different specifications, as per the client�s requirements.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    CAS No. : 67-63-0

    Density : 786 kg/m³

    Purity : 99.5%

    Form : Liquid

    Feature : Fire resistant, Wide expansion, Air particles

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    Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Methyl Alcohol

    Boiling point : 64.7 Degree C

    Physical State : Liquid, powder

    Usage : Industrial,laboratory

    Packaging Size : 10-100ml

    Packaging Type : Drum

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    Methyl Alcohol

Other Industrial Chemicals

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Form : Capsules

    Dose : 100 Mg

    Grade Standard : Medicine Grade

    Package Type : Bottle

    No of Tablets : 100 Vegetable Capsules In One Pack

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    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Citric Acid

    Application : Acidity Regulators

    Purity : 100%

    Form : Form

    Formula : C6H8O7

    Material : High-grade quality raw material

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    Citric Acid

  • Liquid Phenol

    Application : Industrial

    Purity : 99%

    Color : Transparent

    Foam : Liquid

    Pack Size : 50ml-5 liter

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    Liquid Phenol

  • Methylene Chloride

    Purity : 99%

    Appearance : Colorless Liquid

    Usage : Used in different industries for carrying out several vital processes

    Packaging Size : 200, 300 Kg etc.

    Grade Standard : Technical Grade

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    Methylene Chloride

  • Molybdic Acid

    Appearance : White Powder

    Physical State : Powder

    Grade Standard : Reagent Grade

    Packaging Size : 5 Kg, 25 Kg, 50 Kg

    Molecular formula : Moo3. h2o

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    Molybdic Acid

  • Paraffin Wax

    Type : Cosmetic

    Material : Solid, Solvent De-oiling And Hydro Refining

    Application : Candle Making, Cosmetic, Wax Paper Coating

    Color : Snow White

    Feature : Accurate Composition, Odorless, Simple Usage

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    Paraffin Wax

  • Silica Gel

    Type : Silica Gel

    Application : Ceramic Industry, Concreting, Filtration, High-strength & Very High

    Color : Multi Colour

    Purity : 99%

    Condition : Dry

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    Silica Gel

  • Silver Nitrate

    Type : Chemical

    Purity : 99%min

    Form : Powder

    Applications : In Photography, hair dyeing, Glass Manufacturing and various other purposes

    Features : It is pure and free from contamination

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    Silver Nitrate

  • Toluene

    The Toluene that we deal in is 100% pure and is prepared as per the international quality standards. In order to avoid adulteration, we pack Toluene in well-sealed packing material.

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  • Trichloroethylene

    CAS No. : 79-01-6

    EINECS No. : 201-167-4

    MF : C2HCl3

    Water White Liquid : When White

    Usage : Industrial

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  • Glycerol

    Type : Glycerine

    Purity : 99%

    Appearance : Liquid

    Color : Color less

    Grade Standard : Chemical Grade

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  • Acetone

    Application : Ankleshwar

    Purity : 100%

    Density : 791.00 kg/m³

    Quality : Zero defect quality

    Feature : Long self-life, Effectiveness

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  • Acetonitrile

    Classification : Low Viscosity

    CAS No. : 75-05-8

    MF : CH3CN

    Purity : 99.9%

    Cas : 75-05-8

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  • Calcium Chloride

    Type : Calcium Chloride

    Application : Construction, Ice Melt

    Classification : Chloride

    Purity : 99%

    Grade Standard : Food Grade, Industrial Grade

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    Calcium Chloride

  • Caustic Soda Pellets

    Molar Mass : 39.997 G/mol

    Density : 2.13 G/cm3

    pH value : 13

    Color : White

    Packing Size : 50 Kg

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    Caustic Soda Pellets

  • Acetic Acid
    We have an unrivalled reputation in the field of exproting and supplying the best grade Acetic Acid. Acetic acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3COOH. It is a colourless liquid that is the main component of vinegar (apart from water), and has a distinctive sour taste and pungent

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    Acetic Acid

  • Sodium Sulphate

    Type : Chemical

    Color : White

    Purity : 99%

    Feature : Physical Nature

    Faeture : Purity and effectiveness

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    Sodium Sulphate

  • Ethyl Acetate

    Purity : 90-95%

    Appearance : Colorless Liquid

    Form : Liquid Etc.

    Density : 897.00 kg/m³

    Usage : perfumes, diluents in industries, As a solvent in confectionery

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    Ethyl Acetate

  • Chloroform

    Application : Commercial, Domestic, Industrial

    Purity : 98%

    Grade Standard : Chemical Grade

    Packaging Type : Glass Bottle

    Physical State : Liquid

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  • Sodium Hypochlorite

    Type : Chemical

    Application : Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Water Treatment, Industrial

    Other Names : Liquid Chlorine

    Purity : 10%-13%

    Appearance : Clear Yellow Liquid

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    Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Formaldehyde

    Type : Liquid

    CAS No. : 50-00-0

    Purity : 97.5%

    Boiling Point : -19 °C

    Density : 815 kg/m³

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  • Phosphoric Acid

    Application : Agriculture

    Appearance : White Powder/Crystal

    CAS No. : 7664-38-2

    EINECS No. : 231-633-2

    Purity : 80-90%

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    Phosphoric Acid

  • Gbl Wheel Cleaner

    Country of Origin : India

    Type : Wheel Cleaner, Cleaner

    Certification : ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Application : Wheel Cleaner, Other Uses As Well.

    Color : Light Yellow, Transparent

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    Gbl Wheel Cleaner